The Bayeaux Tapestry ScreenSaver

The whole tapestry (all 230 feet) scrolls past with commentary

The tapestry was made circa 1077a.d. to commemorate the Norman invasion of England in 1066. The detail is wonderful and there are in fact two other panel top & bottom with minor but fascinating detail as you see in the top panel in the picture on the right.

There is a written commentary to tell you what it means and background notes.
NEW! now includes option to show literal Latin and literal English translation
Settings include resume from last position, fit to screen width, jump from topic to topic

The download is a self extracting zip file that because the file is large, it is available in 3 versions.
The full works at 4mb, part A of 2mb with the presenter and half the tapestry, Part B of 2mb with the2nd part.
You must have part A to show Part B.

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4 or 2 mb self extracting zip

Download the full tapestry

Download Part A & the presenter

Download Part B only